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Many of our Software Engineering Services are safely provided Remotely in order to save you on travel time !

Who Are We and What are our Qualifications and Certifications?

Hawaii  Computer & Networks Support  - Windows -  Unix – Solaris – Linux – Mac

Computer Integrations is an IT consulting company in Hawaii. It is made up of experienced Multi-Platform systems and Networks consultants.

Microsoft, Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and all Open Source Operating Systems.

Software Engineering Services: PHP, C++, Python, Unix Scripting. OO oriented programming languages.

WebPage and WordPress installations.

OpenStack and CloudStack installation services: *”OpenStack, and Cloudstack are an open-source program, that have become a key factor as companies consider whether to keep computing operations in-house or turn them over to external services” (

We have been servicing Computer Networks and systems installations for over 20 years and have the know how to perform them seamlessly. We have learned how to successfully design and maintain small, medium and large sized computer networks.

We provide Computer Services for Florida, Maui, Honolulu and Kona. Maintenance and Networks Installations for Microsoft Windows, Unix (HP- IBM and others), Solaris, Linux and Mac O/S.

Create web pages for your business using WordPress applications.

 Our clients will gladly provide you with references regarding our work and quality of services. Please call us.


Hawaii Computer Services and Networks Installations 


 VoIP Installations Hawaii- Servicing Maui, Honolulu and Kona

We Install Phone Systems for home and businesses with VoIP (voice over IP) technology that saves you money by using the Internet instead of regular Phone systems.

Thousands of clients across the U.S.A, Hawaii and the entire world are now taking advantage of Voice Over IP (VoIP) for their home, offices and business of all types.

 Multi-Platform network design, maintenance, and Network Security Assessment company.

We perform networks installations for all types of businesses and operating systems including virtual private (VPN's) networks, Remote Connectivity, Voice over IP (VoIP), and Web Page design.

We also install and maintain Linux based systems like Ubuntu, Centos, RedHat Cloud based systems using OpenStack, CloudStack, Chef, and other cloud related technologies.

Our Mission

·         Computer Services & Networks Installations

·         Provide Network Installations and Security Solutions

·         Enhance and resolve your Systems Integration needs.

·         Establish a "Partner" relationship with you, and work closely with your goals.

Our Certifications and Qualifications

Software Engineer, Networks Specialist and Systems Design

Fred Echeverria software engineer and networks specialist. C++, Python, HTML, Assembly language, OO programming languages.

Mr. Echeverria taught at the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, and at the Computer Science department at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii and Chaminade University in Oahu. Holds a Masters of Science degree in Computers and Education and a Ph.D. (abd) in Computer Information systems and Education. Furthermore, he has served as a Unix, Linux, Solaris, AIX, and Windows Network, Security, and principal consultant for Fortune 500 companies.

Our Microsoft, Networks Server and design engineer

Our Microsoft, Windows, networks design engineer is currently working as our Networks Specialist in Oahu, and the outer Islands of Hawaii. _____________________________________

The principal consultants of Computer Integrations, Inc. have attended network certification courses offered by Microsoft and Novell. We have also attended security training (CISSP) courses for multiple platforms. These add to the extensive amount of academic training, and exposure to technology.

We have installed Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Token Ring, Apple, and TCP/IP related networks. These include security based tools like NetRecon, Internet Scanner, Net Prowler, Solar Winds, by Symantec, ISS, and others. We have provided services for Police depts., Delta Airlines, IBM, Hewlett Packard, observatories in Hawaii, and other major corporations in the U.S.


We are delighted to be of help to you. We look forward to have you as one of our clients.



Lending Institutions - Honolulu, Hawaii

Medical Institutions- Honolulu, Hawaii

Marketing Corporations, Honolulu-Hawaii

Attorneys- Honolulu, Hawaii

Real Estate and Rental Management Firms- Honolulu, Hawaii

Food Distribution- Honolulu, Hawaii

Automotive Shops- Honolulu, Hawaii

Catering Firms- Honolulu, Hawaii

Internet Hot Spots, Honolulu Wireless Internet- Honolulu, Hawaii

Gastro-Intestinal Physician- Honolulu-Hawaii

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Member- Honolulu, Hawaii

U.H. Manoa- Electrical Engineering Dept.-Honolulu, Hawaii

Dentists- Kona, Hawaii.

Medical Doctors, Hawaii

Golf Shops.- Kona, Hawaii

Real Estate and Vacation Rentals- Big Island, Hawaii

American Red Cross-Hilo, Hawaii.

Coffee Farms-  Big Island of Hawaii

Warehouse and Produce Distributors.Wailuku- Maui, Hawaii.

Land and Real Estate Appraisers- Honolulu, Hawaii


Steel Industries and Steel Distributors

Graphics and Sign Designers

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